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. dr. kermit gosnel is accused of performing hundreds of illegal late-term abortions. prosecutors say the 69-year-old doctor severed the spinal cords of viable, healthy babies, with scissors once they were taken from their mothers. the doctor is also accused in the death of a woman who died from an overdose offence therebyia. he's accused of unethical behavior in almost every part of his practice. the charges stem from a year-long investigation into practices that dr. gosnell's clinic is described as a house of horrors. it's operated for 39 years. nine of dr. gosnell's associates and staffers are facing murder charges. want to get into all of this with a man who has made time for us today, philadelphia district attorney seth williams announcing these charges today, pages, pages and pages of charges. we'll get to that in a moment. seth, i appreciate you joining me. i want to begin with the obvious. how was your office first tipped off about this man? >> that's a very good question, brooke. this started initially as an investigation into a pill mill. this doctor was the number one suppl
philadelphia abortion clinic where dr. kermit gosnell operated for more than 30 years. >> the children were born and then killed. killed by putting scissors in the back of their neck and snipping their spinal cord. >> reporter: the adult victim, prosecutors say, was 41-year-old karnamaya mongar, who died in 2009 after receiving an overdose of anesthesia. the nearly 300-page investigative report says paramedics who arrived at the clinic found her lifeless and says gosnell was just standing there not doing anything. phot froze inside the clinic, visited mostly by minority and immigrant women, show unsanitary, squalid conditions with with with with jars and bags of aborted fetuses. >> there were fetal remains in the same exact refrigerator that the employees had their lunch in that day. >> reporter: authorities say gosnell has been named in 46 lawsuit, but that his clinic had not been inspected by state officials since 1993. none of the employees had any medical training. nine, including his wife, have also been arrested. >> he even employed a university city high school student as an anesthes
nacieron con vida pero fueron ultimados con tijeras, indico la fiscalia.. el doctor kermit gosnell de 69 años, gano millones de dolares due 30 años practicando abortos tar... los reguladores estatales ignoraron quejas sobre el y no inspeccionaron su clinica desde 1993... el medico tambien coleccionaba bolsas y botellas con fetos abortados, incluso pies cortados que mantenia sin proposito alguno.. menos de dos semanas sobrevivir a un tiro que le atraveso el cerebro, la gabrielle ffords tuvo hoy otro o en su recuperacidon : pudo .. giffords pararn ayuda del onal medico, y miro por la ana de su el hospi. la legisladora por arizona sera trasladada a houston, para menzar un arduo trabajo de rtension.. bueno ya estamos de regreso y tenemos parte de lo que jose jorge balderas zarga el supuesto agresor de salvador cabaÑas, le dijo a un periodista de televisa. bueno hoy una persona que se encuentra en el hospital de shady grove.. por el cumpleaÑos de doÑa ana mejia de parte de su hijo marlon mejia, pero ademas nosotros tambien dese que se recupere muy pronto. mbien para la familia romero
. kermit gosnell is accused of killing seven babies using scissors after they were born alive. he's also charged with the death of a female patient. prosecutors say gosnell got rich performing dangerous, often illegal, light-term abortions. his wife and eight others have also been charged. >>> investigators in spokane, washington, say they are pursuing what they call fruitful leads in an attempted bombing. on monday police detonated a pipe bomb contained in a backpack. they say it had a remote detonator and could have caused mass casualties. no one was hurt and now the fbi is offering $20,000 for any information, despite those leads, there are still no suspects. >>> barbara streisand, jackie chan and yo yo ma was among those at the state dinner for the chinese president. the dinner followed a day of serious talks about trade, security and human rights. jake tapper reports from the white house. >> reporter: morning broke with the pomp and circumstance of a state visit. >> on behalf of the american people, welcome to the united states. >> reporter: president obama declared the two super po
abortion clinic, where 69-year-old dr. kermit gosnell operated for more than 30 years. >> children were born, and then killed. killed by putting scissors in the back of their necks and snipping their spinal cord. >> reporter: the adult victim, prosecutors say, was 41-year-old karnamaya monger who died in 2009 after receiving an overdose of anesthesia. the nearly 300-page investigative report said paramedics who arrived at the clinic found her lifeless and said gosnell was just standing there, not doing anything. photos from inside the clinic visited mostly by minority and immigrant women show unsanitary, squalid conditions. with jars and bags of aborted fetuses. >> there were fetal remains in the same exact refrigerator that the employees had their lunch in that day. >> reporter: authorities say gosnell has been named in 46 lawsuits. but that his clinic had not been inspected by state officials since 1993. none of the employees had any medical training. nine, including his wife, have also been arrested. >> he even employed a university city high school student. as an anesthesiologist. >
abortion clinic. >> this is sickening. prosecutors are accusing dr. kermit gosnell of murdering one woman and seven babies which he operated for more than 30 years. they report it is nearly 300 pages long. it outlines squalid conditions, a student working as an anesthesiologist and employees with no training. eight others including the doctor's wife have also been arrested. >>> republicans made good on one of their campaign promises. the house voted yesterday to repeal president obama's healthcare reform law. the bill was split along party lines and the bill stands no chance in the senate which is still controlled by democrats. >>> more good news in the recovery of representative -- arizona representative gabrielle giffords. less than two weeks after she was shot through the head, giffords stood up yesterday with help from hospital staff. and giffords is expected to be moved to a rehabilitation center in houston by weeks' end. she had no help from the hospital staff. did it on her own. >> unbelievable. >>> there is another winter storm headed our way. >> howard will let us know what we'll
on expectant mothers at his office.some of the cases... resulted in death. doctor kermit gosnell is accused of killing 7 babies... by severing their spinal cords once born... and killing a woman... through overdose of anesthesia.gosnell... his wife... and 8 employees also face murder charges. a baltimore teen is awarded 1- for a hit-and-run accident... involving a police officer. de-on johnson says he was on his dirt bike last summer... when a police car hit him... and thhn fled.the officers inn question denied the accusations.but johnson brought his case to court... filing a civil lawsuit against police... and woo.johnson saas his injuries stopped him from being an olympic boxer. actor mel gibson finds imself in the center of a criminal investigation... authorities are gathering evidence surrounding an incident etween gibson and his ex-girlfriend oksana grigorieva.they're also checking out gibson's charge... that he tried to extort money from him.the two are currently in a custody fight over their three-year old daughter. 3 season ten of american idol kicks off with a table of new judg
treatment was arraigned today. prosecutors say dr. kermit gosnell performed illegal abortion, delivering babies who were born alive before doing the unthinkable. it's tough to talk about. allegedly severing their spinal cords with scissors. he's also accused in the death of one of his female patients. now, this clinic was operated by the doctor for decades opened in 1979. served mostly low income minority women and immigrants. inside police found bags and bottles scattered throughout this clinic. inside of those, the remains of aborted fetuses. our deb feyerick is in new york following the story. deb, i know he wasn't ever a licensed ob-gyn. is he still a licensed m.d.? >> no, he's not. the clinic was raided. it was suspected to be a pill mill, thought to be illegally distributing painkillers. that's what prosecutors went in and fetuses were discovered. kermit gosnell was never certified as an ob-gyn which means he should never have been performing abortions, illegal late term abortions or any abortions period. here's the d.a. >> the officers, however, could not ignore what they saw with
kermit gosnell ran house of horrors they had not inspected since 1993. authorities say when it was finally raided last year they found bags and bottles of aborted fetuses and jars of severed feet on the shelves. 20 years ago this week, the u.s. led an international coalition against iraq in the first persian gulf war. right now in texas, several of the people involved in the war effort including president george h. w. bush are talking about that turbulent time. and correspondent kris gutierrez has the story from college station. >> we're not walking away until our mission is done. until the invader is out of kuwait. that may well be where you come in. [ applause ] >> reporter: 20 years ago, president h.w. bush responded to iraq's invasion of kuwait with swift military action, but the war to push saddam hussein's forces away at the time was a tough sell. >> the issue is whether it can be done without the use of military force that required a lot more negotiations and bargaining. >> reporter: bargaining alongside president bush were secretary of defense, dick cheney, chairman
doctor kermit gosnell le solicito al juez que le explicaran la acusaciones cejas como sorprendido cuando la jueza leia los cargos muerte de la mujer recibio una sobredosis de drogas, y los be asesinados al medico cuya clinio descrita sa de horror, se le nego la libertad bajo fianza, ydebera comparecer nuevamente el 9 de febrero.. carecen en union con superior del distrito, resoluci conflictos... ...el proceso de tener una demanda en la corte puede ser muy costoso, puede ser muy dificil para muchas personas y tambien puede ser un proceso muy largo...." las clinicas se realizaran en carecen, en el 1460 de la columbia road, en el noreste del distrito, el al 202- 328-9799 ext. 18 o visitando por adelantado las oficinas de carecen de lunes a viernes entre las 9 de la manana y 4 de la tarde... las autoridades federales asestaron hoy un duro golpe al crimen organizado en es mas de 100 personas de familias de mafiosos conocidos de la cosa nostra..eric agudelo tiene el informe. ya estamos de regreso y vamos con imagenes de la copa del rey que se jugo otro partido esta tarde noche. el po
viable babies were killed. dr. kermit gosnell, the head of the facility which was described as a "house of horrors" is now in jail without bail after being arraigned on eight murder counts. >>> despite budget concerns, nasa has announced plans to send an additional space shuttle to the international space station in june. it would be the program's final mission to space. >>> and she serves on the nation' highest court, but even supreme court justice elena kagan has to report to jury duty. she was spotted yesterday, but was not called and left at the end of the day. >> and now here your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,822. the s&p was down a point. the nasdaq fell 21. the nikkei joped 162, and the hang seng dropped 126. there should be plenty of talk about the high level shake-ups. google announced ceo eric schmidt will hand back the reigns to larry page. schmidt was called in in the early days to supervise 20-signals larry page and sergei brenn. shares were up before the move. >>> meanwhile, hewlett packard is revamping its room with a for new
with first-degree murder, kmit gosnell. >> i cannot adequate lie describe the bnature. >> reporter: he also faces charge for the deathf a wife and mother ofhree. before she came to thicountry, e was a political refugee living for 18 years in a camp in pal. not long after arriving in virginia, she learned she was pregnant. she was given a massive overdose of sedatives and pain medication. sglun trained, unsupervised workers iected dangerous drugs into women undergoing illegal late term abortion >> reporter: by the time emergency crews were called, it was too late. she finds out that she's pregnant and iless than six months, she ces to this place and s's dead. >> reporter: attorney smalley is presenting her family in a civil lawit against the clinic and the doctor. >> civillyith respect to this family, what w can do is bring justice. >> reporter: eht of the clinics employees also face charges including his wife who doesn't have a medical license but isccused of performing late term abortions will herself. offials had received complaints for two decades but had never ted. ba to you. >> julie,
. gosnell were already illegal. >> there is political that blames partial blame for what happened to the clinic. key employees state of health could have shut it down but stopped that from what was their support of pro-choice governor. >> still ahead, iranian hostages reexperience some of the first moments of freedom. straight ahead, chicago. whose kind of town? hey boss! do we have aflac? nah. we have something else. but if you're hurt and miss work does it pay cash like aflac does? nah. or let you spend it in any way you want like for gas and groceries? nah. or help with everyday bills like aflac does? nah nah nah. [ male announcer ] there's aflac and there's everything else. visit aflac.com for an agent or quote. aflac! so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i've got e leading part. advair is clinical proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-actg bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advai
. prosecutors say dr. kermit gosnell was responsible for the deaths of seven babies and one patient. that patient, a 41-year-old wife and mother from badbridge never woke up from a botch -- woodbridge never woke up from a botched abortion procedure. >> reporter: this woodbridge woman survived nearly two decades in a refugee camp only to have her life end in what they called a house of horrors. prosecutors say it happened in this west philly clinic they've dubbed the prescription drug mill by day and oh, mill by night. 69 -- abortion mill by night. 69-year-old dr. gosnell who runs it is charged with four counts of murder. the patient was a 41-year-old woodbridge mother of three, an a immigrant who survived 18 years in a nepal refugee camp, but prosecutors say it was gosnell who took her life. >> by overdosing her with anesthetics, failing to render her appropriate emergency treatment, failing to timely notify emergency medical technicians and then lying to them when they arrived. >> reporter: prosecutors say gosnell made millions performing illegal hate term abortions. they described
of a virginia woman. the doctor's name is kermit gosnel. he faces eight counts of murder in philadelia. prosecutors say seven of the charges are for deliverg late-term abort babies alive, then killing them with scissors. the eighth count involves mangar who liv in woodbridge. prosecutors say she was given a lethal dose of pain medication by an unlicens staffer who ok instructions from the doct over the phone. > a teenager is spending his first night at home in northern virginia in months. after being detained in kuwa. mohamed was held there after his name appeared on the no-fly list. during tt time mohamed says he was tortured. after arriving at dulles airport this morng, he said he wa happy to be home but concerned about oers being put through the samehing. >> there's stillrobably others out therbeing tortured like i was. and my voice has been heard, but their voices are not being heard. >> mohamed ss the obama ministration needs to change the process for how people end up on the no-fly list. he also said the u.s. needs to do better job of protecting its citizens overseas. >>> keith o
is not available. >> many late term abortions from vided bring dr. gosnell were already illegal. >> there is political that blames partial blame for what happened to the clinic. key employees state of health could have shut it down but stopped that from what was their support of pro-choice governor. >> still ahead, iranian hostages reexperience some of the first moments of freedom. straight ahead, chicago. >> shannon: president obama warned chinese president hu jintao the u.s. would be compelled to redeploy military forces in asia if they don't take a stand against north korea. senior official says the warning came in a phone call last month and repeated in a private dinner at the white house. president hu spent another stop in chicago, the only stop outside washington. and steve brown reports the cold and windy city and the mayor are a draw for the chinese leader. >> reporter: if you are wondering why china's president could spend two days in chicago in dead of winter, the answer is richard daley. >> our long range goal is to make chicago the most china friendly city in the uni
of seven babies and a would-bemother. charged with these murders, 60-year-old kermitt gosnell. >> reporter: the doctors also faces a third-degree murder charge for anoth woman. before she and her family came to northern virginia, she was a political refugee living for 18 years at a camp in nepal. she and her famy left their ves as political refugees behind. they were allowed to ce to the united states and settled in woodbridge. six months later, she was ad. is sheas 19 weeks pregnant whenhe was referred to the philadelphia clinicor a aborti. her family's attornesays after the procedure, she was given a massive overdose of sedatives and pain medication. medication administered by an unlicensed staffer getting instructions from the doctor over the phone. >> untrained, unsupervised workers injected dangerous drugs into wom undergoing illegal, late-term abortis. >> reporter:y the time emergency crews were called, it was too late. attorney bernie smalley is representing monger's famy in a civil lawsuit. >> civilly, with respect to this family, what we cano is bring justice. >> reporter: eight o
. with several decades' worth of botched abortions, baby killing took place. the philly d.a. charged dr. gosnel with eight counts of murder. he's not responded to the accusations but last year losing the medical license the father of two gave a two-hour interview for a crime reporter for "the philadelphia daily news." david joins us now from philadelphia. when you spoke to the doctor, he portrayed himself as a positive force in the community. what in the world did he mean? >> well, marty, the doctor was from west philadelphia where his clinic is based and he very much believed he was giving back to a community that was underserved. as he told it to me, he helped people who had never really been had any advocates and in his mind providing care he would want his doctor to have. >> he saw himself in this community as offering a public service, he was doing good within the neighborhood, sort to speak? >> that's right, yeah. he often spoke to me anyway of treating patients who could not afford to pay for their care and of being there for people who had nowhere else to go. in his mind, he was a good
of killing several babies during illegal late-term abortions. dr. kermit gosnell is being held without bail. prosecutors say he is responsible for the deaths of a 41-year-old woman and seven babies who were born alive, then murdered. the grand jury says officials knew about lawsuits and complaints against the doctor, but they failed to investigate. michael smerconish is an author and syndicated talk show host based in philadelphia. good morning to you, mike. i'm glad you're here. >> hi, alex. >> you worked as an attorney for many years, and full xlour here, you filed one of the lawsuits against the doctor in the early '90s. now, i understand you don't remember a lot of details, so i don't want to talk about that, but your callers, what are they saying? >> what's interesting about this is abortion is one of those issues, frankly, that i generally avoid in a talk radio program, because the minute you say abortion or gun control, sometimes illegal immigration, all of the telephone lines will fill, but all of the calls are predictable and everybody is evenly divided and entrenched in their view
to van abortion in 2009 but never woke up. dr. keller met gosnell made millions perform -- kermit gosnell made millions performing abortions with an untrained staff including his wife performing those abortions. >> the family, they are missing so much every day, every moment when even they cook the food. they're sitting together to eat. >> dr. gosnell is now charged with eight counts of murder. that includes seven babies in mongar. mongar's family has filed a wrongful death civil suit. >>> in new york police on long island believe they may have a serial killer on their hand. the bodies of four people were found near jones beach last month. investigators finally identified all of the victims. police say they're all women who worked as prostitutes or online escorts. they disappeared between 2007 and this past summer. police aren't saying how they were killed. >>> developing tonight in russia, still no claim of responsibility for today's suicide attack at one of moscow's busiest airports. a suicide bomber blew himself up killing at least 35 people outside an international arrival terminal. r
. this is dr. kermit gosnell, charged with first-degree murder for the death of seven babies and death of a 41-year-old patient. she died back in november of 2009 when she went in for an abortion. her attorney says she was fed a lethal cocktail of anesthesia prescribed by gos p nell. i had a chachnce to speak with r brother and her daughter. listen to how she described the conditions inside. >> the room is so dirty, so smelly. you know, the sitting room is so dirty. it's not like a clinic. there's so much women who are taking medicine. they are like sleeping. i doesed the lady to -- i askede lady to go with my mom, but the lady didn't let me go with my mom. i asked her, i have to go with my mom. she's completely sleepy. yeah, she don't know anyone words of english. >> let me ask you a question. were you ever -- did you accompany your sister to the clinic? were you in a waiting room? can you describe conditions in a waiting room? was it clean? was it dirty? were people professional? >> everywhere dirty. i can't describe how dirt canny it is, not supposed to be like that in a clinic. at the time
of state capitals. tonight, we put the shifting battle over abortion in focus. >> dr. kermit gosnell is a west philadelphia doctor who was never trained as an o.b.-gyn, but in fact prosecutor prosecutors say he carried out illegal late-term abortion. >> couric: and did so for the last 20 years. gosnell has been charged with killing seven babies after they were born alive, and for the murder of one woman. remains from the procedures were in trash bags around his clinic. >> there were fetal remains in the same exact refrigerator that the employees had their lunch in that day. >> couric: criminal abuse like this is extremely rare, but it's not stopping both sides in the abortion debate from using the case to re-energize supporters. >> on the one hand, you have abortion rights advocates who say if you clamp down on obothers rights even further other you're going to have more doctors preying upon women because they won't have any other options out there. on the other side of the debate you have anti--abortion advocates who say, look, this is precisely why we need to limit abortion, to pre
arrested 69-year-old doctor kermit gosnell who performed late term abortions in philadelphia. according to the d.a. dr. gosnell is a monster. >> in case after case dr. gosnell and his assistants induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, and eighth month of pregnancy. and then killed those babies. by cutting into the whack -- back of their necks with scissors and severing their spinal cords. >> bill: what do you know about this case. >> what i know is there a lot of evidence here, bill. what you have got in addition to the eight count murder indictments, seven unborn babies or seven babies that he forced to be born as you just heard. he murdered and he also murdered a woman who was a patient, a 40-year-old woman. in addition to that, you have got. >> bill: the 40-year-old woman came in for an abortion and died on the table. >> yes there is allegation that he had 15-year-old kids injecting preset amounts of item moral, when this woman started going under, the defibrillator machine was not working. in addition to that he lied about the amount of demorol s
are just fed up. after a third straight night without power or heat lewis gosnell and his family are checking into the residence inn in bethesda and maryland. >> we were tired of freezing, so we decided to find a place. >> reporter: they are among the hundreds of pepco customers still without power after wednesday's snowstorm taking refuge at the nearly sold out hotel. >> this is our second hotel. we switched hotels earlier today. >> reporter: frustration has more than set in and many want answers about pepco's response to the storm. >> we just don't understand why we don't have any power, why it went out before the heart of the storm. so the first night we stayed until we ran out of firewood and then we checked into a hotel yesterday. >> reporter: pepco president thomas graham who had been on the hot seat said pepco secured contractors and staged crews in various locations before the storm hit, but there are reports pepco was too late in calling in reinforcement compared to other regional utilities. graham says pepco asked for mutual aid when the other utilities did. >> remember
was playing with it for several minutes before the worker did exactly what doctor gosnell ddd. snipped the back of their neck" investigators say doctor kermit gosnell was practicing even years after a clinic worker complained to the state saying untrained and unlicensed workers were caring for patients. sorensen says: "and she told them in december 2001 everythhng they man down forever." but nothing was done. now lawmakers want to know why. ward says: "they essentially let this doctor, if that's what you call him, operate as a serial killerrfor 10 years." rafferty says: "people have died that should not have died. and we have allowed a man to continue to butcher babies, butcher women, and nobody did a damn thing about it." the people who could have done something have now lawyered up. officials with the department of health and department of state who knew about the complaints against have hired attorneys at your expense. the egal bills so far according to the district attorney--more thhn a 100- thousand dollars. and they are not talking. williams says: "even more d
-moving developments in a case that certainly shocked the country. philadelphia dr. kermit gosnell was back in court today along with his wife and several of his employees. gosnell is charged in the death of a patient and authorities say he performed illegal abortions in a filthy clinic with untrained staff. sarah hoi has been following the case. she just got out of court and she's joining me on the phone. i want to begin with the fact that apparently there were so many people in the courtroom today they were pulling chairs out of the closet. set the scene for me. >> brooke, that is right. this was nearly standing room only in the courtroom and also because of the large number of defendants. you're talking about ten defendants. they were moving around chairs to accommodate these defendants, plus their attorneys. so before things started, you had a bit of musical chairs going on just to accommodate the sheer amount of people who are being charged in this case, not to mention also in the audience poshgs, if you will, that was full as well. so the benches were full up front with the defendants was full
at that clinic. cnn's sarah hoy joins us now with the breaking story. you've covered the gays of dr. gosnell and his staff at the clinic that provided abortions at that clinic in philadelphia. what is the governor saying today? >> reporter: yes, that's right, randi. well, today, governor tom corbett announced he's fired seven state employees after conditions at the philadelphia doctor's office exposed health department areas and investigations that did not take place. now, in addition to those seven individuals, four other former employees named in the grand jury investigation had previously resigned. something to note here, randi, is that on the day governor corbett took office is when this grand jury report came out, so this is his first day of office. this gets dropped on his desk, and at that time, that new governor vowed to take action, as this doctor was being arraigned for murder. so this is definitely a reaction to his initial promise. randi? >> sure, and as you said, these employees are from the department of health, at least seven of them were. you would think they would be on look
responsible for licensing and checking up on that clinic where dr. kermit gosnell is now accused of killing seven babies and a pregnant woman from woodbridge, virginia. >> more than two dozen lions rescued are being flown from bolivia to the united states. animal rights activists are helped bolivian authorities round up the lions from circuses. there is a law that bans the use of live animals. lions are headed to a rehab center in colorado. >> we'll answer our question of the day when we come back. >> plus, two of the seven finalists in the westminster dog show hail from this area! and this morning, one of them is the new champ! switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> 5:55 here on this wednesday morning. cloudy skies through 9:00 in most areas. temps upper 30s to around 40. lots of 20s out there right now. midday, sun breaks out! 48 in town to near 50 to our west. we'll have afternoon highs in the mid 50s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature around 53 degrees. looks like a good d
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